what it's about

מאיה בלום | שף פרטי | אירועים

I started my carrier in the kitchens of Tel Aviv 8 years ago.

After working in several chef restaurants I went to London to get my chef diploma from Le Cordon Bleu and again after one year to complete my DCM (diploma in culinary management and advanced cooking). 

After managing several kitchens in israel, I started a small business in Mexico. 

I came back to Israel to find my identity in local cuisine. Realizing my approach to food was different, I decided to create unique experiences blending food and art- Culinary as a way of expression.

because this is me. Cooking from emotion. 


meals that mix food and art through different mediums such as music, plating, and effects. Experinces that manifest surprise, beauty and adventure while focusing on seasonal ingredients, flavor, texture and art.

exclusive private events- food as art
private catering events